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Pvc wpc skinning, semi-skinning foam board extrusion pvc/wpc foam board extrusion line adopts skinning foamed or semi-skinning foaming technology to produce pvc board, wpc board, sheet ,plate etc. pvc wood wide width crust foamed board ,semi-skinning foamed adopting the celuka structural-foam process technology, compared with the free foamed board, the skinning foamed board has the
Pvc semi-skinning foaming board and wpc foaming board application: transportation industrial: ship, plane, bus, chamber of train, roofing, core layer, inner decoration board. construction and decoration industial: outer wall board, inner decoration board, housing, office, public construction board
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Jul 24, 2019 · specifications wpc foam board complete production line 1 sj 80 156 conical double screw extruder 2 high output 3 skinning foam board wpc foam board complete production line wpc pvc door panel extrusion line this production line is applicable to the . more>>


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