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  • 2014 NEW LDPE Agricultural Film Produce Line with VIDEO
  • 2014 NEW LDPE Agricultural Film Produce Line with VIDEO
About product

We developed hdpe drainage sheet machine. the hdpe sheet is a dimpled plastic sheet. it used in various waterproof application hdpe drainage sheet extrusion line is our newest product. on the base of our conventional sheet machine. supplierzhangjiagang sdr plastic & rubber co., ltd. [manufacturers] china (mainland) credibility:
Pe geomembrane/geocell extrusion line introduction message pe waterproofing geocell is of using a kind of high-grade polyethylene resin as the main raw material, adding a certain amount of filler and stabilizer, plasticizer, uv absorbers and other auxiliary materials, waterproof material after mixing, extrusion, cooling process, volume, meter, packaging etc.
The popularity of high density polyethylene (hdpe) is primarily due to its low initial material cost and excellent chemical resistance. this allows thicker sections to be used compared to other geomembrane materials. a thick, durable, hdpe liner can be placed in exposed applications where the cost of other materials may be prohibitive.
Bandera offer comprises complete extrusion lines with up to 1,200 kg/h production capacity, with film thickness up to 3 mm. geomembrane can be textured on one or both sides; a plain strip can be obtained to ease welding. this extrusion line can be equipped with


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