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Efficient thermoforming sheet extrusion. the sheet of which the packages are made must have a top-quality surface and narrow tolerances. these requirements, together with constantly increasing line speeds, impose high demands on extruders and all other components of an extrusion line. battenfeld-cincinnati offers two different types...
Lines for the production of foil and sheet; extrusion line for r-pet sheet; lines for the production of membranes; lines for the production of corrugated panels; solar line; lines for the production of pipes. heads for pipes; lines for the production of medical tubing; lines for the production of shotgun shells; lines for the production of profiles; catalogues
For the recycling of polyester it is typical to integrate a screen changer into the extrusion line. this can be in a pelletizing, sheet extrusion or strapping tape extrusion line. drying polyester. pet polymer is very sensitive to hydrolytic degradation, resulting in severe reduction in its molecular weight, thereby adversely affecting its subsequent melt processability.
Suzhou jwell develops the parallel twin screw extrusion line for pet sheet, this line equipped with degassing system, and no ngneed drying and crystallizing unit. the ...


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