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Fiber content exceeding 60%it is shortnamed as "cfp; continuous glass fiber reinforced polyethylene (pe) composite strip and it is the ideal rtp pipe winding reinforced material: less than 1.5 g/cm3 density;
Dec 10, 2018 · gpm company specialty in the design and production of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite laminates machine for a wide range of advanced thermoplastic composite panel lamination ...
Taking into account the properties and broad applications of continuous basalt fiber and products on its basis, allowing to replace the glass, asbestos, metal, wood, etc., the demand for continuous basalt fiber today is hundreds of thousands tons per year. existing enterprises satisfy the demand only by 1-2 %.
Basalt projects inc. activities and services construction of composite production basalt fiber reinforced polymer production as a reinforcing component for composite materials, basalt fiber is in many respects a complete match to steel, carbon and glass fibers in various fields of production and construction.


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