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About product

Increased capacity with wide-width geomembrane line the layfield group of companies announced in a jan. 30 press release its newly formed business unit—engineered membranes & films (emf). this new business unit is part of a capital expansion project at layfield that includes a new wide-width geomembrane extrusion line.
Bandera offer comprises complete extrusion lines with up to 1,200 kg/h production capacity, with film thickness up to 3 mm. geomembrane can be textured on one or both sides; a plain strip can be obtained to ease welding. this extrusion line can be equipped with
Fusion 3 extrusion welder easy operation due to its ergonomic, slim line design. with a designed length of 670 mm, the fusion 3 is ideally suited to use in geomembrane welding.
Operators can lay the resultant plastic sheet over such base materials as nonwoven fabrics and woven fabrics to produce a laminated called geomembrane. geomembrane is an ideal moisture barrier. the geomembrane produced by our waterproof sheet extrusion line generally has a higher than average density with a flat, wrinkle-free surface.


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