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About product

Spc flooring stands for stone plastic composite. and utop’s spc floor is designed to excellent. the main component is lime stone (calcium carbonate)+ pvc powder + stabilizer.
Calender machine for pvc flooring / pvc sheet production line for pvc flooring tile . application: pvc plastic floor tile with the advantages of environmental protection, light in weight, easy maintenance, no radiation, cheap in price, is now popular in decoration such as in ktv, hotel, pub etc.
Specialized spc flooring. hebei utop technologies co.ltd, we are the leading enterprise in the field of spc flooring, who owns the complete manufacturing line for spc flooring, which covers the spc flooring business chain from the beginning to the end. benefit from our advantages. we are strickly abiding to international production process standards, to ensure the most advanced extrusion ...
Pvc line. polyvinyl chloride (pvc) is a versatile thermoplastic material that is used in the production of hundreds of products. injection molding is an important process to manufacture pvc moulded articles – a manufacturing process that injects pvc resin into a metal mold by pressure.


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