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One of these, argotec, has been the premier extruder of tpu optical interlayers, supplying over 50% of the world's total usage. swm will use its far greater resources to continue to drive growth and develop new glass lamination products. today, swm has the cleanest, most modern interlayer film extrusion operation in north america.
Posted by [email protected] wwwcglass eva film glass interlayer july 18, ... it takes the place of the traditional coating or co-extrusion process. it has the features of flexible production, low cost and high efficiency; ... safeftyglass plus sgp ionoplast interlayer film (super clear) for structural laminated safety glass made in china ...
Compared to autoclave producing line for polyvinyl butyral pvb interlayer film, the eva vacuum glass laminating machine is much easier to operate and less cost to build., and more flexible and convenient for the designers and glass manufacturers. eva glass laminating furnace(eva film, silicone vaccum bag,laminated glass)
Big news! huakai team invested a new automatic pvb production line, now under debugging and will be putting into use. new pvb extrusion line with d ouble feeding , double filtering system to replace the network automatically, make sure higher quality-control of 100% impurities-free. everything huakai invest only in order to provide better service for our customers.


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