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Words of wisdom: understanding twin-screw extruders: the ... investigation of torque fluctuations in preconditioner c twin-screw extruder.buhler group; high torque twin screw extruderyoutube; twin screw extruder machine, high torque extrusion unit ... extrusion; gearboxes for counter-rotating twin-screw extruders ... sixty years of zsk twin ...
Sep 01, 2002 · high-speed, high-torque machines are often—but not always—one or two barrel sections longer than a conventional twin-screw. the highest screw speeds apply only to smaller screw diameters. w&p’s zsk megacompounders go up to 1200 rpm but only in sizes up to 70-mm diam.
There are two distinct families of twin-screw extruders, defined as low-speed late fusion (lslf) twin-screw extruders (run up to 50 rpm), and high-speed energy input (hsei) twin-screw extruders (run up to 1200+ rpm). hsei twin-screw extruders are primarily used for compounding, reactive processing, and/or devolatilization.


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