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Figure 1 shows the principle of direct extrusion. where the billet is placed in the container and pushed through the die by. the ram pressure. direct extrusion finds application in the manufacture. of solid rods, bars, hollow tubes, and hollow and solid sections accord-. ing to the design and shape of the die.
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Full line of peek tubing, manufactured to a high tolerance of id surface finish & size. wide range of od, id & colors available. co-extrusion leaves natural peek id with color od. standard ods from 1/31 in. to 1/8 in. custom sizes in oem quantities.
Breaker plate. at the end of the melt zone, there is often a breaker plate fixed between the barrel and die adapter. the thickness of breaker plate is slightly more than the two recesses (steps) cut in the barrel and the die head. breaker plate has following important functions: it helps to


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