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About product

Yasui seiki is not just a coating machine manufacturer; we are inventors of new technologiesmicrogravure™, tungsten carbide lip slot die, and superheated steam dryers, to name a few. yasui seiki produces most of the precision parts in-house, machined to within 1/1000th of a millimeter.
For adhesive and other coating applications, profol performs. profol’s line of cast films for coating are specifically designed for customers who want to apply adhesive for self-wound tape and masking films. our polyolefin film unwinds well with a variety of pressure sensitive adhesives including acrylic and

Film coating process. pharmaceutical tablets can be film coated in a single stage process that is rapid and results in minimal weight gain of at 2 – 3% compared with sugar coating which adds 60 to 80%. the film coat does not significantly affect the tablet’s disintegration process.


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