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Jan 01, 2010 · in profile extrusion, drawdown is the percentage differential between the dimensions of the die as designed vs. the size of the final part. without any drawdown to exert tension, the extrudate would drape and sag in the sizing medium.
The most frequently used techniques for processing tpu are injection molding, extrusion and blow molding. for all processing types, we recommend the use of modern, energy-efficient machinery and precise controlling to ensure superior results and cost-efficient, environmentally friendly operations.
Nov 21, 2015 · classification dies needed to make several unique products are classified as 1) sheet dies. 2) flat-film and blown-film dies. 3) pipe and tubing dies. 4) profile extrusion dies. 5) co-extrusion dies. 4. typical extruded die shapes. 5. sheet extrusion dies • the most common extrusion die for sheet products is the coat hanger-type manifold die. 6.
Pc is available in sheet stock and round stock, making it a good candidate for subtractive machining processes on a mill or lathe. colors are usually limited to clear, white, and black. parts that are machined from clear stock usually require some post processing to remove tool marks and to restore the transparent nature of the material.


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