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High-speed single station for max 30l products. the vb15l-vb30l blow molding machine used for producing toys, bottles, jerry cans, kettles, milk tanks, etc, is single station (can match six die head), which is specially designed for 15l/30l as maximum volume, suitable for hdpe, ldpe, pp, pvc, and other materials for blow moulding.
Used extrusion blow moulding and injection blow molding machines for the production of plastic bottles, containers, jerrycans, etc, made from pp, pe, pvc, pet and other thermoplastics suitable for beverages, cosmetics and the household industry. premium brands for ebm include kautex, bekum, magic, battenfeld-fischer, uniloy, techne, automa.
Blow molding is the process used to make hollow, plastic products such as containers or bottles. these plastic products or parts are created by extruding a tube of hot plastic, called a parison, into an open mold. compressed air forces the plastic outward into the shape of the mold. once it is properly molded, the plastic is cooled and hardened.
With blow molding, a plastic tube is heated and filled with air until it essentially becomes a balloon of hot plastic called a “parison.” a mold is then clamped around this, trapping the plastic while air continues to fill the parison into the shape of your part.


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