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Bopp films (biaxially oriented polypropylene films) are produced by stretching polypropylene film in both machine direction and transverse direction. bopp film is used in vast range of applications comprising packaging, labeling and lamination. bopp films are preferred substrate for food packaging globally because of its inherent moisture ...
Presents the shrinkage of polypropylene versus wall thickness in injection molded parts. these data were obtained from many and varied pieces molded from different grades of polypropylene. consequently, a range is shown for any wall thickness. for design purposes, the dotted line which represents the average shrinkage is a good starting point.
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Jul 14, 2015 · austrian developer of extrusion technology sml (lenzing) celebrated its 20th anniversary on july 1, 2015, by inviting several hundred guests to its facility for a demonstration of what may be the world's largest stretch film line.


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