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High speed double wall corrugated pipe linesbg600 1. all-new mold blocks cooling method. the mold blocks are cooled continuously by “pressure cooling” water circulating in sealed channels to achieve higher cooling efficiency and higher production speed, which strongly guarantee lower pipe production cost.
Corrugated pipe extrusion line-hdpe double wall corrugated pipe extrusion line dwc1200corrugated pipe extrusion line products made in china, china manufacturer. 100-800mm double wall corrugated pipe characteristics: inner layer smooth, outer layer trapezoidal corrugated-size, hollow wall between inner layer and outer layer. its unique structure makes the pipes posses the advantages of good
Double wall polyethylene corrugated pipe production line corrugated pipe production line equipment. the corrugated pipe production line includes a variety of equipment that should execute their tasks in best possible way and in line with other production line equipment. pars ethylene kish corrugated pipe production line machinery are all manufactured by drossbach germany , and the production ...


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