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Solar line. eva, ethylene-vinyl-acetate, is the type of material produced with amut’s extrusion foil line and it is especially reserved for the production of solar-photovoltaic panels. eva foil protects the photovoltaic cell, encapsulating and wrapping the silicon cells, and enables a perfect sealing and a high adherence with...
Eva solar energy battery packaging film extrusion line introduction message latest research and development of photovoltaic cells encapsulated eva glue extrusion line is a special energy-saving, efficient and innovative, cost-efficient extrusion line, which is now more professional as one of eva film extrusion equipments for photovoltaic cells.

Bandera designs and manufactures complete extrusion lines for the production of mono-and multilayer foil mainly for food packaging industry and for the production of rigid films for the industrial thermoforming application. this patented extrusion systems, combined with the high-tech downstream supply, ensures the following features:


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