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Minipan’s design team presents the latest generation of syr³, a robust cookie extruder machine featuring automatic placement on baking pans. our heavy duty construction driven by the most recent electronics contributes to make syr3 a modern and reliable machine, ideally suited for
The avanti ® mini extruder allows researchers and scientists to prepare large, unilamellar vesicles by extrusion in an efficient manner. avanti ® mini extruder & accessories; extruder set with holder/heating block; 10mm filter support; gas-tight syringe, 1000μl; replacement part for avanti′s mini-extruder

The scale-down of the machine in combination with the comprehensive adaptability to almost each processing task and the easy handling of the system, explain the distinction of the mini-compounder ketse 12/36 d as an excellent laboratory apparatus.


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