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  • extrusion sheet die head series for pet sheet extrusion line
  • extrusion sheet die head series for pet sheet extrusion line
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Poland credibility: acrylic and petg display and item. ... pc,pmma,gpps,apet(petg)plastic sheet and plate extrusion line . pc,pmma,gpps,apet(petg)plastic sheet and plate extrusion lineapplicable scope of pc endurance board:garden, the recreation place, decoration and
Changzhou jwell plate&sheet equipement co.,ltd. mainly produces and operates pc endurance board production line, pc wave tile, heavy plate production line wholesale, hollow building template production line and other products.
Sep 05, 2018 · i also had a similar issue when i started to print petg, try to set the extrusion width a bit smaller than the nozzle size. as i’m not sure what slicer you use, when using s3d you can set the extrusion width to 0,38 wile the nozzle size is at 0,4mm, this helps me to make sure the lines are properly melted in each other.
Eastar™ petg copolyester 6763 do’s and don’ts for extruding fi lm drying do • dry eastar™ petg copolyester 6763 at least four hours at 65°c (150°f) using a desiccant-type dryer. insuffi cient drying will cause excessive molecular weight loss during extrusion, with resultant decrease in physical properties.


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