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The die itself is a steel disk (normally h13) with an opening, the size and shape of the intended cross-section of the final extruded product, cut through it. an extrusion die, and associated tooling, in the press. dies are broadly grouped as solid (or flat) dies, which produce solid shapes, and hollow dies,which produce hollow or semihollow ...
“40 years ago we were the first to develop an extrusion line for the extrusion of pc hollow profiles, in close partnership with our customers, based on the experience built up in the pp hollow profile field. now we are a world leader, with more than 180 complete extrusion lines delivered by us all over the world.”
Your first choose for pp hollow sheet extrusion line manufacturer in china. benk pp hollow sheet extrusion line is used to make 1000-3000mm width and 2-12mm thickness pp hollow sheet, and pp hollow grid plate extrusion line also can produce single layer pp hollow board or multi-layers pp hollow grid plate.
Pp pc hollow sheet/hollow grid plate extrusion line machine part 1 introduction: this pp pc hollow plate sheet extrusion line consists of single screw extruder, melt-pump, hydraulic filter exchanging unit, hollowsheet die head, vacuum calibrating table, first haul off machine, oven, corona treating unit, cooling table, second haul off machine, trimming and length-settled cutting units and ...


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