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As mentioned earlier, wpc uses a foaming agent to introduce tiny air pockets in its core. this foaming technology yields a more brittle, fragile board putting the connection joints at risk of damage and failure. when the hydro fix comfort core comfort core click connect is compared to a wpc click using a drop dart impact test method, the hydro fix comfort core comfort core click is 5 times stronger.
Spc flooring vs wpc flooring. spc flooring (rigid core lvp) is an upgrade and improvement of rigid core luxury vinyl flooring (lvt flooring),the leading products for future.spc rigid core flooring combines the strength of stone and the beauty of wood,one for all solution for your home decoration. spc flooring is constructed by uv coating,...
Wpc foam board is the most generic product from the range of panevira brand of pratham wpc board pvt ltd. wpc foam boards are manufactured in accordance with advanced industrial standard; these boards are accurate in dimensions, extremely robust and precisely finished.
Celuka core pakistan pvc foam board price can be used in both interior and exterior applications. high density 4x8 flexible foam board has excellent tear and tensile strength and comes with smooth surface. our team professional team to provide you with professional services .


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